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Группа образована в 1996 году на базе ансамбля, который работал 9 лет с Ириной Отиевой.

Музыканты до этого работали в оркестре под руководством Олега Лундстрема.

Музыканты ансамбля "Time For Jazz" лауреаты международных джазовых фестивалей: пражский "Интерталант", берлинский и .т.д.

Состав группы
  • Руководитель Юрий Демидов (trumpet, vocal)
  • Петров Сергей (bass)
  • Беккер Алексей (piano)
  • Рябой Евгений (drums)

Tel: +7-985-255-47-56
H.P.:+7 (495) 702-27-76

The Jazz-group was formed in august,1996.This group includes some musicians, who had creative music experience. Every one of them was looking for the colleagues with the same music interests. So this jazz-group has popular jazz composer’s music in their repertoire. For example,there are: Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, John Coltrane, George Gershwin and so on.

The jazz-group works With different styles as swing, main-stream, jazz-rock, funk. And, of course , the group tries tp play others music styles. Also they have got the jazz-vocal repertoire(the standard jazz-themes).The greaterst idea of jazz-group is to bring for the auditory the main conceptions of the jazz music.

And now about the jazz-group cast: Yuriy Demidov-the trumpet,the fluger-horn and vocal, the laureate of the Jazz Festivals( Moscow,Helsinki,Berlin,” Intertalent” in Prague).He had graduated the Gnesins Music Academy, jazz faculty ( Moscow, 1979). Attended academic curses of classical trumpt of professor Tiofey Dokshicir.